Established in 1999, Nicstar is an Australian owned and operated company delivering expert project management services in general industry and specialised project management and implementation services in the Information Communications Technology Infrastructure (ICT) Industry.

Our core business includes:

  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Design and Consultancy
  • Infrastructure Auditing for voice and data environments
  • Implementation management and infrastructure deployment
  • Nationwide roll-out logistics planning and services

We take great pride in our ability to partner with our customers in order to successfully deliver to their requirements.  Nicstar is an independent company, allowing us to provide our clients with unbiased information about individual project requirements from concept to completion.

We focus on producing defined deliverables within a specified timeframe, to a defined quality and with an agreed level of resources, to ensure planned outcomes are delivered.

The Nicstar team offers diversity, scalability and flexibility through the broad range of experience and backgrounds of each Project Manager, and we are highly available to deliver a professional service that exceeds our customer expectations.


Trust builds relationships. We place trust in those we work with and our customers. We deliver on our promises and communicate openly at all times.


By being open and truthful in everything we do with our team, customers and suppliers. We never compromise our ethics and integrity.


When decisions are being made we will voice our opinion and then commit whole heartedly to the delivery of the outcome.